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Indonesian Traditional Dance Performer, Teacher and Hip-Hop Dance Artist

Firdaus "Baus" Sabry was born in the United Kingdom but raised in Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia. He has been dancing for 17 years and as a professional dancer for the past 10 years. He represents "Soul Higher crew", it was founded in Kuching City and was established in 2003.

Baus major in Hip Hop dance name Bboying (breakdancing) but have practiced and involved in other genres such as locking, house, popping amongst other styles.

Since moving to Melbourne in 2017, Baus has been working with Street Dance Studios and joined Superhoodz crew, which is the biggest hip-hop dance crew in Melbourne, which have performed at Disney Land, Australia's Got Talent and toured all around the world namely Dubai, America and India, etc. Apart from that, Superhoodz is the official dance crew for Melbourne United Basketball team as well.

Apart from his busy life, Baus also working with KITA Performing Arts company from 2014 as both a hip-hop dance artist and a traditional dance performer.  He is a popular Indonesian dance workshop artist form our school incursions programs. 

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