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Magician, Contact Juggler, Tarot Reader and Percussionist

Hung Lian (Johhson) Hsu is a Taiwanese Magician who was graduated from Taiwan National Chai-yi University in 2008, major in Applied Math.  He was the Charter President of Magic Club while he studying in the University.

Johnson is a well-experienced performer. He is a Magician, a Contact Juggler, a Tarot Reader as well as a Percussionist.  He has performed magic and Percussion over ten years.  He loves to interact with people and also enjoy seeing the smiling faces and the reactions from the audience.

His skills including Magic and Contact Juggling, for example:  Stage Magic, Run Table Service, Close-up Magic, Crystal-ball juggling and Party Magic Ring-art juggling.  He can also design Magic program for different functions.

Some relevant experiences of Johnson are:

  • He was the Champion of Magic competition from a Magic TV Program in Taiwan back in 2008. 

  • Between 2011 and 2014, he founded the Perfect-Magic Company in Taiwan. 

  • In 2016, he awarded a Special-Reward of Stanthorpe Busking Contest. 

  • Currently he is a Busker in Melbourne.

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