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多元文化日、亞洲舞蹈表演、中國節慶或駐校教學等,KITA / 薇蓉舞集歡迎老師電郵或來電洽詢細節。Book your school incursion with KITA today! Multicu

這星期是學校 Term 1 的最後一周。在此呼叫學校 LOTE 學中文的老師們;呼叫想舉辦多元文化日的老師們;呼叫學校年度表演需要有專業舞者駐校教學的老師們以及有透過觀看表演學習東方文化需求的學校們。KITA / 薇蓉舞集有多年的教學經驗,舞者專業,有口皆碑。歡迎來電 0468 560 959 諮詢相關細節也歡迎電郵

This is the last week of Term 1 2018. Calling all LOTE Chinese teachers, calling all teachers who are organising Multicultural Days, calling Music or Art teachers who are in charge of school productions who needs professional dancers to be your Artist in Residency. KITA have years of experiences with good reputation and all our staff are professional dancers. Call today to book your school incursion, workshops or performance with us on 0468 560 959 or email inquiry to:

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