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It's time to plan your events for 2019! KITA now open for CNY performance booking! 年尾將近,KITA 開始接

In the past few months, KITA Performing Arts Company / Sabrina Chou Dance Company has been actively running school incursions (from Pre-school to High school), participated Moon Festival programs with Chinese Museum, Chinatown Square, Crown Riverside and Dandenong Market, even Deakin University. Our most recent public performance was Latrobe City Council's Sister City Festival last Friday on 9 November 2018.

Our school Performing Arts program was popular for school Cultural Day or Multicultural Day as well as LOTE related Cultural celebrations. We run Chinese dance workshops but also Indonesian dance workshops.

Time flies, 2018 has come to the last two month and we are almost half way through November. It's time to plan 2019 events and festivals, as the Year of Pig is not far away. KITA is now OPEN FOR 2019 BOOKINGS!

Any booking enquiry please send email to: or call Booking Manager Joan on 0468 560 959

過去幾個月來,KITA 多元文化藝術表演公司 / 薇蓉舞集除了忙於學前教育及小學和中學的校園活動教學外,也活躍於不同機構所舉辦的大型慶祝活動中。今年中秋節我們從澳華歷史博物館、唐人街廣場、皇冠河畔到迪肯大學及Dandenong 市場,到處都有KITA美麗舞者的蹤跡。最近一次的對外公開演出是上星期五在由 Latrobe 市政廳於Moe 植物園所舉辦的姊妹市慶祝活動 。