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Year of the Pig celebration ends on today’s Lantern Festival, the 15th day of Lunar New Year. 農曆年慶祝活

KITA Performing Arts Co. wishing you a Happy Lantern Festival!

15 days of Lunar New Year celebrations has come to an end. KITA Performing Arts Co. / Sabrina Dance Troupe has had a wonderful time and an absolute blast performing around Melbourne in 2019!

Thanks to everyone who have attended these shows and supported us. We hope you enjoyed our show and will keep these memories of 2019 Lunar New Year celebrations in your hearts.

Today is the 15th day of the New Year by Lunar Calendar; it marks the final day of the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations, we call it Lantern Festival. On this day people eat glutinous rice balls, play riddles and children take their Lanterns out at night. Wishing you all a HAPPY LANTERN FESTIVAL!

Now we are ready for March Cultural Diversity Week bookings! Our brand new Multicultural show: Monkey King: Journey to Asia is very popular. Contact us for more details – Email: or call: 0468 560 959



新年慶祝告一段落,緊接著就是忙碌的三月多元文化周了。我們全新的多元文化秀『孫悟空亞洲遊記』已經如火如荼的接到各級學校的詢問及預訂了。想了解更多訊息嗎?歡迎連繫 或致電0468 560 959。

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