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Busy September comes to an end, ready for School Term 4 bookings 忙碌九月在中秋慶祝活動下完美落幕 歡迎學校Term 4文化教學和演出

KITA Performing Arts Company / Sabrina Dance Troupe is continuously promoting our 2019 brand new Multicultural show “Monkey King – Journey to Asia”. Apart from that, we were also invited to different schools doing the incursions for the “Mid-Autumn Festival” theme, so the students can learn the Chinese celebration culture through music and movements.

Except school incursions, we performed at corporate functions like: Chinese Museum 34th Anniversary and Fo Guang Shan Melbourne Mid-Autumn Cruise Dinner. We have also participated the Mid-Autumn Festivals events at Chinatown and Dandenong Market.

This week is the first week of school holidays, as well as the last week of September 2019. Are you planning anything for Term 4? Either it’s an incursion, a Cultural Day or a Cultural show for the whole school, we have a perfect program for you! Contact us now and we will try our best to arrange the most suitable program for your students within your budget. Please call Booking Manager Joan directly on 0468 560 959 or email your enquiry to:

KITA 多元文化表演藝術舞團 / 薇蓉舞集Term 3 除了持續推廣今年初全新設計的校園多元文化秀『孫悟空亞洲遊記』外,也受邀到多處學校做中秋節主題的互動演出,讓學生透過律動學習傳統中國節慶文化。


這星期是九月的最後一星期,也是學校假期的第一週。您的學校正在考慮安排校園文化教學、想讓學生欣賞文化表演、或是正在計劃Term 4的文化日活動嗎?如果是,歡迎來電0468 560 959或洽詢 。我們將盡力在您預算內安排最合適學生的節目。

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