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Happy Year of the Rat and Happy Lantern Festival today! KITA has completed the busy schedule of 2 we

HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR everyone!! It’s been a very busy two weeks for KITA Performing Arts Co. / Sabrina Dance Troupe.

Our dance crews were invited to perform for many Lunar New Year celebration events, such as: Springvale, Chinatown, Crown Riverwalk, Carnegie and Brandon Park Shopping Centre, etc.

This year we have Johnson Hsu the Magician and entertainer to run some amazing shows. Apart from the traditional Chinese folk dances, our dancers also perform Korean traditional dances, Director Sabrina Chou even lead the Korean workshop herself.

Whoever came to watch our performances during the two weeks, we hope you have enjoyed our shows and thank you for your support! Lunar New Year celebrations are one of the most important Cultural Events in Melbourne. With our participation, we make festival more beautiful, colourful and entertaining!

Today is the 15th day of the New Year according to the Lunar Calendar which marks the final day of the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations. This day also called “Lantern Festival” which people eat glutinous rice balls, play riddles on this day and children like to take their Lanterns out at night. So, HAPPY LANTERN FESTIVALS to you all!

KITA hope everyone is having a great Year of the Rat so far. If you like to book any Asian dance performance for school incursions, Organisation functions, Festival events or March Cultural Diversity Week, please call 0468 560 959 or email:


今年薇蓉舞集的農曆年特別忙碌,除了每年固定出演的唐人街和皇冠河畔慶祝活動舞台外,我們還受到史賓威、Carnegie 及 Brandon Park 購物中心等單位的邀請去演出。除了傳統舞蹈外,今年的節目還增添了韓國傳統舞蹈以及由街頭藝人許鴻糧演出娛樂性高的魔術和趣味氣球表演。



KITA / 薇蓉舞集在此祝願大家到目前為止都有個美好的鼠年。新年慶祝進入尾聲,代表接下來就要等著三月多元文化周的來臨了。如果您的學校,工作單位或是活動組織想預定任何亞洲舞蹈的表演或是學校文化日的活動,請洽: 或致電0468 560 959。

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