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Hi all, 2021 has come to the end and we survived another year since COVID hit. With the virus variants continuing to grow, we should be all prepared to live with it and hope that life can be returned to a COVID-normal.

This year, KITA Performing Arts Company was again impacted by the continuous lockdowns that rolled in one after the other. Because of this, many incursions and performance bookings had to either be postponed or cancelled.

Although our business in Melbourne was hit badly, our crews were keeping their lives busy. For example, KITA’s Director Sabrina Chou is currently in Taiwan and she has been coaching a choir group for a Primary school in Taichung. She was also involved in several public art projects and performance events in Taiwan.

Diabolo Master Max (Shun En) Liao was invited to perform with the famous international circus group Cirque du Soleil in Chicago and New York between 26 November and 27 December 2021. The show “Twas the Night Before” is currently performing in Hulu Theatre at Madison Square Garden.

Early December we had our last school incursion program at Malvern Primary School. Our artists Yong Ying Woo and Manman Ng lead the whole school grade by grade and teaching students different dance moves and did a final presentation in the end. The organiser teacher was very happy with the program and even provided us photos to share to our Facebook page.

Saturday 19 December 2021, Melbourne’s Chinatown just held a post Mid-Autumn Festival and pre Christmas celebration event. Our very own Director Sabrina was the one behind the scenes to arrange the performers, which included a Traditional Chinese dance workshop led by Ondrea and Phoebe, a Street dance performance by Ghost and Multi-lingual Singing performance by Danni and others.

Thank you for all of your support in 2020 and 2021. Please continue to like us on Facebook page:

If you consider booking performances for Lunar New Year 2022, please contact us on:

KITA wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a better New Year in 2022!




扯鈴大師廖恩碩則是受邀參與了國際知名的太陽馬戲團,在11月26日到12月27日間分別於美國芝加哥和紐約做巡演。主題 Twas the Night Before (聖誕夜- 多半指Twas the Night Before Christmas) 目前正在紐約麥迪遜廣場公園 (MSG) 的葫蘆劇院 (Hulu Theater) 演出中。

這個月初我們完成了今年最後一場在 Malvern Primary School 一整天的校園教學活動。兩位專業舞者詠盈和 Manman 分別帶領著各年級學生學習不同的舞蹈,並在最後一堂課用表演的方式呈現出當天的所學。安排的老師非常開心滿意,還提供許多照片供我們於臉書上與大眾分享呢。

此外,雖然KITA總監周薇蓉身在台灣,但上星期六12月19日墨爾本唐人街的中秋補慶活動暨聖誕慶祝活動有許多節目都是由她幕後著手安排策畫。當晚除了KITA舞者Ondrea 及 Phoebe共同帶領觀眾做傳統中國舞蹈表演和教學;還有 B-Boy Ghost 帶來的街舞表演及與觀眾互動的環節;最後還邀請到多聲帶歌手Danni 和其他歌手所做的多語言歌唱演出。

這艱辛的兩年來,感謝大家繼續支持我們。也請各位多多宣傳KITA 的節目,並持續關注我們的臉書訊息喔!

如果您有打算舉辦活動或安排2022農曆新年的表演,歡迎電郵相關細節到 聯繫我們。

KITA 在此預祝大家有個平安的聖誕佳節及更美好的2022年!


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