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Performers were impacted seriously by COVID-19 but let’s stay strong together at this crucial time 新

KITA Performing Arts Company takes pride in our role of bringing people wonderful cultural experiences through our performances. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made a huge impact on the Travel Industry since February 2020. Everything else seem normal back then, but early last month, the announcement of Global Pandemic from WHO has raised the awareness of the Government and therefore almost every day has a new measurement rule came out: from events gather more than 500 people to be cancelled to cancellations of all events gather more than 100 people. By mid-March, all Cultural organisations like the Museums, Libraries, Event venue providers, entertainment performers and artists are suddenly out-of-work.

We know every decision made by the Government is to ensure the safety of the staffs, audiences, artists and presenters. The decision was totally counterintuitive to what we do and deeply upsetting; but it was the right thing to do as we collectively battle to curb the spread and impact of COVID-19 on the community. Now in our daily practice, we can’t have gathering for more than 2 people from different families, people must stay at home unless for the following 4 reasons: shopping for daily need, exercise, medical appointments and for go to work or education purposes. KITA loves nothing more than to re-start our business ASAP and warmly welcome school bookings back as well as the public performances. However, the Victoria State Government has made an announcement yesterday 7th April request all schools to be conducted remote learning for the upcoming Term 2, which means the wait will have to extend at least until mid-July. Right now we are not able to do any public performances or school incursions. Therefore until we can bring you the Cultural experiences again, we will be in touched by sharing all sort of performing arts information with you via our Facebook Fan Page:

For now, please continue to follow the advice and directives of government health authorities. For the most up-to-date information and advice, visit:



雖然KITA希望能盡快重新開始我們的業務,並熱烈歡迎學校預訂以及公眾演出。但維多利亞州政府已於昨天4月7日正式宣布學校的第二期 Term 2 將全部進行遠距教學,這意味著我們的等待時間至少將延續到7月中旬為止。



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