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2nd wave COVID-19 caused VIC State of Disaster & Stage 4 lockdown一波未平一波又起,新冠肺炎七月爆發單日數百宗,近日確診人數終於降至50

How is everyone been during lockdown throughout the past few months? Time has been going fast since the 2nd wave of COVID-19, when we were just entering winter. Now we are already in spring.

Remembering how back in June, everyone was getting ready to reopen their businesses and students were excited to return to school. Unfortunately the 2nd wave of the COVID-19 outbreak was a lot more serious and the number was remaining steadily high with several hundreds of people infected daily.

To fight the outbreak and reduce the pressure on our health system, the Victorian government decided to continue remote learning for schools and for businesses to remain in Stage 3 restrictions. By 22 July, it was announced that everyone from Metropolitan Melbourne would need to wear a face-covering when going outside.

By early August, we had moved from Stage of Emergency to Stage of Disaster which was also the start of Stage 4 restrictions, which included the first ever Melbourne-wide curfew in history, along with additional restrictions such as a 5km from home limit for shopping or exercise. Exercise had also been restricted to one hour with at most, one other person.

Last week on the 6 September, Premier Daniel Andrews announced the roadmap for all Victorians to understand the steps of returning to ‘normal’ life. We have now been notified that current Stage 4 restrictions will extend for another two weeks from tomorrow, the 14 until 27 September, including the curfew, but the starting time of that will be shifted from 8pm to 9pm until next morning 5am.

Although KITA was disappointed with the fact that we are unable to start our business until later this year, we understand the importance of people’s health and safety and therefore we would like to enc